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Are you a busy person?

Do you always talk about being busy?

Do you hear yourself saying “I don’t have time to do that, I am too busy”?


Before you answer that first question have a think!

Are you maybe just busy being busy!

It is not a bad thing….. well, not really, being busy is good… right!


When being busy is a technique you use to look busy and in control, but really, you are just stalling what really needs doing, this is not good!


Worse, you are looking busy because you don’t understand the tasks…

by Gwen Baird

This might not be quite what you are thinking!…or there again!

What I am actually talking about is my new found very optimistic and well balanced love of cycling.

I took delivery of my shiny new e-bike last week.

They told me it will be good for me.

They told me it is doable, even with a heart condition.

They told me it will help my aching joints and help me move again with no strain on the joints or my heart.

I listened.

I thought about it.


I only went and did it!

This bike…

By Gwen Baird

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A lot of people say to me that they don’t get Twitter.

It is way to fast and it just does not work for them!

I hear them and I totally get it!

Let me explain how it works…

Think of Twitter as being one big 24/7 live networking party.

I am guessing you have done some form of networking in your time.

It could have been at a local networking event, in person (remember those days?) or online via a zoom call or the like.

Picture the scene, you are in a group of people and…

Is this the next big thing?

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You may have heard or seen the hype about the new ‘Clubhouse’ social media app!

If not where have you been hiding of late!

You will know what I am talking about if you have seen it.

I will be totally honest here.

There is a lot of love/hate being talked about Clubhouse across all social media at the moment.

The people on the inside are loving it and the people not there yet, well, they are not so in love with it!

My own personal experience so far:-

Clubhouse is the best place…

Are you doing it all wrong?

Image by author Gwen Baird

Do you feel that social media is the one thing that you hate?

You spend so much time on it you get nothing else done?

You don’t get much engagement or activity from it?

It is the one thing that feels like it is holding you back from moving forward?

If you answer yes to any of the above then you need to re-think how you are doing it!

Take yourself off to a quiet corner with your notebook and have a serious think before answering these questions.

How much time do you spend…

The magic of live events and live tweeting…

image ©GwenBaird

Tweeting at live events and why it is important in so many ways.

Why it’s important to keep the flow before, during and after your live event!

I am talking in this instance about your live-tweeting at any LIVE in-person or more so these days, online events.

✅ Why Before:- Get tweeting before your event to raise awareness and give time to build the excitement and get yourself more ticket sales!

Raise awareness and reputation at the same time. Remember people are always watching you.

If you only surface on the big days it does send out the wrong vibes.

Not to mention you miss a great opportunity to connect with your ideal audience.

What is there not to like about the process. Win-win.

✅ Why During:- Well this one is kinda obvious!

It gets you noticed and…

It won’t make you money……

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Have you ever noticed that when you start in a new online social media group, that there is so much excitement and engagement?

It’s new, fresh, fun and full of new people to meet.

Do you ever get into the situation where you see lots of engagement and comments of support ~ all of which is great!

However, after a good few weeks have you noticed anything?

You are all chatting to each other and patting each other on the backs and going round in circles.

You have to be careful that you don’t develop…

How to make your social media work for you and get results, everytime!

Image courtecy of Canva and Gwen Baird

Over the past month I have discovered an exciting approach about how to make your social media more successful.

I have always been one for thinking as a Social Media Manage and that means being a jack of all trades.

For those of you who know me, you will know that I gravitate towards Twitter and it just works for me and hence I make it work for my clients.

However, after talking to three totally independent coaches, all from different walks of life and in no…

Never put all you eggs in one basket! by Gwen Baird

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Have you ever thought about what will happen if suddenly you lost your entire audience overnight because you were on only one social media channel?

Say you were blocked because of some change. Maybe Facebook just vanished overnight! Some situation occurred and you could do absolutely nothing about it!

Then What?

Where would your audience be?

Would you lose everything?

Remember that old saying “never put all your eggs into one basket!”

I know it is easy to get comfortable where you are and nobody likes change!

We have all seen just how quickly circumstances can change and the impact…

by Gwen Baird

Almost overnight, well within a few days actually, but it felt like it…. our world was turned upside down.

We were suddenly stripped of our freedom!

Our freedom to come and go as we please. Our freedom to hug who we want and basically our thinking was done for us!

We were told how to operate, our work was taken away (for many), we were in complete lockdown with nobody really knowing what was about to happen.

We were placed in a position of uncertainty and all we could do was watch on from the lockdown as…

Gwen Baird

Twitter Expert helping people living with invisible illness find support, purpose & thrive whilst generating leads. 🐦

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