Clubhouse! Are You In Or Out?

Gwen Baird
3 min readJan 6, 2021

Is this the next big thing?

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You may have heard or seen the hype about the new ‘Clubhouse’ social media app!

If not where have you been hiding of late!

You will know what I am talking about if you have seen it.

I will be totally honest here.

There is a lot of love/hate being talked about Clubhouse across all social media at the moment.

The people on the inside are loving it and the people not there yet, well, they are not so in love with it!

My own personal experience so far:-

Clubhouse is the best place on the planet to meet and greet with real, raw, honest humans!

There is no hiding here!

Think about how many times you have read great copy and been inspired by the story, the gloss of professional photographs (nothing wrong with that, of course.) but, you don’t really see the bigger picture. You only see the real deal after you have parted with your cash and sometimes, just sometimes, that is not quite what was painted in the picture!

In Clubhouse it is refreshing that there is no video, no comments, no distractions, no numbers, no vanity metrics, just raw talent talking and sharing absolute gold dust that would normally be out of your reach! Oh….and no DMs within the platform!

Okay, at this stage, if you are not in yet, you might be asking “WHY?” “What is the point?” ……Good question!


Once you have experienced the app you soon find that the value being delivered right now is awesome!

You can switch from room to room. You can create your own room. You can ask questions or simply just listen in.

Hearing the voices and listening to the raw talent is just brilliant.

Everyone is on the same level here!

How long this can remain at such a high level, time will tell.

Will this be an alternative for your social media activity — not on its own, no.

Will it replace other social media, probably not!……Although I have to be honest and say that after being in Clubhouse for a few days now, going back onto Facebook feels really weird and a bit old fashioned!

One thing for sure is that Clubhouse will change as it grows!

You can link your Twitter account (you can imagine my excitement at that one) and your Instagram account. This is how you carry on the conversations away from the app.

There are no recordings, everything, at the moment, is live and real!

There is nowhere to hide and you leave with pages of actionable notes to start implementing into your own business strategy.

Now is the time to get yourself in to Clubhouse and build those connections.

Personally, I love that there is no time sucking of scrolling mindless posts that don’t serve or bring anything to the party.

WARNING Clubhouse can be addictive but it is filled with good solid gold information.

There is something about listening live to people you feel you know, wither it be by reputation or whatever lead you to them originally.

I find that the rooms are filled with true, authentic experts who really know their stuff. No fake and no hiding behind a brand or fancy copy!

Try it, you won’t know until you try!

Okay, it is only open to people through invites at the minute and only through Apple iPhone devices, but, I am sure that will change through time.

If you are on Clubhouse and you would like to come and check me out, you will find me at @gwenbaird.



Gwen Baird

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