Are You Part Of The Mutual Admiration Society?

Gwen Baird
3 min readAug 13, 2020

It won’t make you money……

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Have you ever noticed that when you start in a new online social media group, that there is so much excitement and engagement?

It’s new, fresh, fun and full of new people to meet.

Do you ever get into the situation where you see lots of engagement and comments of support ~ all of which is great!

However, after a good few weeks have you noticed anything?

You are all chatting to each other and patting each other on the backs and going round in circles.

You have to be careful that you don’t develop a circle of engagement which turns out to be nothing more than a mutual admiration society.

I don’t mean that to sound harsh or to belittle networking groups.

If you are not creating leads and deep connections you will never grow, fact!

Personally, I have some amazing online social media groups that are out of this world! Truly amazing and the traction that you get from the support and engagement is top-notch.

It is just, sometimes, you come across groups that look the real deal but in reality, turn out to be a bit of a damp squid.

You find yourself in a situation whereby you have committed and feel bad about removing yourself, don’t feel bad. Just DO IT!

Sometimes you simply just outgrow the group that you became a member of — so job is done and time to move on.

It is the responsibility of the group owner to keep you on board, interested and motivated.

Try not to let this kind of activity hold you back. Think carefully about what you are getting from the groups you are in, are they adding value to your experience? Are you adding value by being there?

Forget the FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling, really, please don’t let it rule your head.

Your time is so precious and you need to be being productive in your own business.

Have a think about how long in a day you spend scrolling in the groups and what do you get out of it!

There is a lot to be said for paying ‘membership’ groups. Pay the monthly fee and I bet you will only be there because you want to be!

If you are in a group that makes you feel a bit deflated but you like it, why not try and introduce others to keep the content fresh and moving. Maybe recommend the group to your own audience.

People come and go all the time and really if we are being honest, the group probably won’t even notice if you slide out the door and move on!

We sometimes waste too much time worrying about the wrong things!

Do what works for you.

When was the last time you had a good look at all the groups and pages that you follow across social media?

I bet you are attached to way more than you realise.

Also, if you ditch the groups/pages that no longer float your boat, you will be amazed at how your real friends start to feature in your news feeds again!

It’s time to put YOU first and sort out your social media journey, more importantly, get it all working for you!

Have a great day folks.

Keep enjoying what you do.

Chat soon.

Keep safe.

Gwen ~ RAG Social

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