Keep Your Audience Strong, Safe And Secure!

Never put all you eggs in one basket! by Gwen Baird

image courtecy of Pixabay

We have all seen just how quickly circumstances can change and the impact it can have!

  1. Different platforms give you a different reach.
  2. They all have different tones in how you communicate to your audience.
  3. Your ideal clients will be on them all.
  4. You give yourself better exposure to a wider audience.
  5. You will find more meaning for your content by sharing on other platforms.
  6. Your audience can see you being visible.
  7. It gives you more authority in your area of expertise.
  8. Reputation growth opens up hugely.
  9. The audience grows significantly.
  10. You can reach more influencers that in turn help you to grow and get seen.

Remember you are unique, there is only one you!



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Gwen Baird

Twitter Expert helping people living with invisible illness find support, purpose & thrive whilst generating leads. 🐦