Is Being Busy A Good Thing?

Gwen Baird
3 min readSep 3, 2021
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Are you a busy person?

Do you always talk about being busy?

Do you hear yourself saying “I don’t have time to do that, I am too busy”?


Before you answer that first question have a think!

Are you maybe just busy being busy!

It is not a bad thing….. well, not really, being busy is good… right!


When being busy is a technique you use to look busy and in control, but really, you are just stalling what really needs doing, this is not good!


Worse, you are looking busy because you don’t understand the tasks in hand — then that is just as bad.

Let me explain.

There are two types of people in business.

1. Those who really know their stuff and keep busy but are productive at the same time. By productive, I mean they generate revenue for the business. They are constantly generating income with their busy activity, growing the business and making new leads.

Then we have..,,

2. Those who are busy being busy! Yeah, the ones who hide behind their ‘responsibility’ and ‘seniority’ yet make no headway in the generation of growing the business. No new leads, no increase is revenue. Just being busy!

You might think that because somebody is busy and dishes out orders all day that that makes them important!


I see so many people in business that are ‘very busy’ at being busy, claiming to be important to the running of the company yet no results! Nothing to show for all their busyness.

Yes they run around like headless chickens being busy. BUT. If you look, I mean really look at what they are doing… they are filling the days being busy not productive.

Look at it another way, if you were to outsource a task in your daily business, you would expect results, yeah? After all you are paying them to do a specific job. So there has to be a return on your investment one way or another.

If that person you outsource to is mega busy all day, every day for you, you will get the results!

There will be a good return on your investment I am sure!

Which one are you?

Are you busy and producing results or just busy being busy?

It can also be seen as a way of procrastination, avoiding the juicy meaty tasks that need a little effort to get results. Or maybe it is just avoiding the bits you don’t like doing in the business.

That is a different matter too!

Big difference between putting something off (there are solutions for that one) and just hiding behind the not knowing what you are doing scenario.

When it is time for you to evaluate your business, sit down and have a good look at yourself and/or your employees and see if you are getting the most from everyone.

Every single person in the structure of your business should be making forward progress in the growth of your business.

Time to get off of my soapbox now and back to generating the good stuff!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post and chat soon.




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