How Was It For YOU?

by Gwen Baird

Almost overnight, well within a few days actually, but it felt like it…. our world was turned upside down.

We were suddenly stripped of our freedom!

Our freedom to come and go as we please. Our freedom to hug who we want and basically our thinking was done for us!

We were told how to operate, our work was taken away (for many), we were in complete lockdown with nobody really knowing what was about to happen.

We were placed in a position of uncertainty and all we could do was watch on from the lockdown as wait to see where the world would take us.

Yes we were ALL affected by this pandemic which will always be known as the Covid 19 Virus aka Coronavirus.

Now I am not going to start and talk like I am some sort of authority on it. I just know how it has impacted with me and those around me.

As humans I think we responded rather well, on the whole.

We have this ability to adapt, adjust and take control.

You can either keep a positive mind or crumple and surrender — we all have choices.

Watching on from my side of the fence I saw resilience, strength, grief, sadness, worry, stress, growth and demise in all areas.

It was a ‘thing’ that nobody could have written the script for — although I am sure the movies will do well once the restrictions have been lifted. You can bet that the scripts have been written already!

This is not just a local event, it has taken full front stage around the world.

Many questions will remain unanswered I am sure.

However, the point of writing this blog post, is to get off my chest, a something that is making me really sad.

I had a dream that after the events of the past months, I really did think that as a nation of human beings, we would come out the other side a better race! Kinder, more understanding, more together. I was hoping that all the badness in the world would subside just a little, at least! I was hoping we would be more generous and live together in harmony (okay, well not quite that sickly….but you get the picture).

For a while I truly believed it was possible.

What I have found, is that many people, especially in the business space have shown their true colours.

Many who preached about their authenticity have shown that there is very little authenticity present!

In fact, they will stop at nothing for self preservation.

Then there are those who were once thought of as the scammers, well…. blow me away… they have shown to be the most authentic of them all. Keeping and holding to their core beliefs and keeping going no matter what.

You have the ones who have not used the coronavirus as a marketing tool to better themselves nor turned the situation into being about them! Refreshing!

It has been a big eye opener for me and I have to be honest, a lot of it has been hard to handle.

People I trusted and looked up to, well….. let’s just say, the pedestal has collapsed and crumbled!

Then just when we thought we were coming out the other side all peaceful and happy the world seems to be on a mission.

All you see now is anger, hatred, protesting…but when you look close, it is not about the real issue but again people trying to make it about themselves!

I am so confused.

Maybe it is a generation thing! Age and all that!

Maybe that is why I love living in the middle of the country, in the middle of know where just keeping myself to myself.

Maybe that is why I loved lockdown so much!

I truly thought that this was our chance to reboot and hoped that maybe, just maybe, things will change.

Sadly, no is the answer to that one.

Many people talked about the reset that was happening with the virus and that all made sense at the time.

However, when I look out at the behaviour happening now it just makes me sad.

We all have beliefs and we are ALL entitled to our opinion but why oh why do people feel the need to make issues and protesting all about them!

Did I really get to 57 years old only to be bitterly disappointed.

People talk about ‘things’ returning to normal….they will never be ‘normal’

The ‘New Normal” maybe!

If this pandemic has taught me anything, it has to be priorities, in life, and who and what are important!

Life really is way too short and so many people just need to get over themselves.

There is a sure fire wave of some absolutely remarkable people surfaced throughout all this…… and some absolute dicks!

I will leave you to decide what camp you fall into.

There seems to be a very short memory for all the loss that there has been during this pandemic. The struggles that many families face and will continue to do so for the rest of their lifes.

The sheer hell that frontline staff went through to look after us all!

Let’s keep things in perspective and remember that it is the hear and now that matters along with looking after the future!

History has a place and it certainy does define our future but it does not rule our today!

Rant over….. thank you for reading.

I really would love to know how you are handling everything at the moment.

Good, bad, indifferent!

Keep safe everyone.

Much love

Gwen x



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