Another Take On Not Putting All Your Eggs Into One Basket!

Gwen Baird
3 min readJul 20, 2020

How to make your social media work for you and get results, everytime!

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Over the past month I have discovered an exciting approach about how to make your social media more successful.

I have always been one for thinking as a Social Media Manage and that means being a jack of all trades.

For those of you who know me, you will know that I gravitate towards Twitter and it just works for me and hence I make it work for my clients.

However, after talking to three totally independent coaches, all from different walks of life and in no way connected to each other, a new strategy started to come to light.

What they were doing, or thinking of starting to do, is to invest in different people to manage each different social media platform.

Now at first I thought WOW! Really!

Then when you think about it, what a genius idea.

One of my biggest frustrations in my own business is seeing great people have some amazing products and services to offer and they let themselves down badly by having badly managed social media.

By badly managed, what I mean is they create a post and simply share it out on every platform.

That strategy just never works, it is lazy, looks lazy and people stop seeing what you post as they get bored.

Yes of course do put the same content out there and repurpose everything!

But….. give it some life.

So many people don’t realise that each platform has its own personality and what works on one does not work on the other. For example, Instagram loves 30 hashtags on your posts but Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simply don’t. So sharing the “one size fits all” certainly does not apply.

By not utilising each platform your content becomes weak and really you are just wasting your time. The way of ‘lets throw out a post and share everywhere’ is so old hat and please just STOP doing it, today!

When you think about it, picking an expert from each social media platform is a bit of a no brainer.

It has to be a win win for you.

You are getting total focus on each platform and not the watered down service spread thinly across the board. The experts that you choose will be giving each of your social media platforms their undivided attention.

Also, if you spend time getting to know each platform yourself it strengthens your position, products and service, making you all the more stronger.

If one person then leaves your business, for whatever reason, your whole social media strategy does not fall down around you and you are not relying on any one person to hold it all together. You can step in when needed and totally understand what is required.

It keeps you in total control and allows you to see exactly how much work is being done and you will also appreciate what you team are doing for you.

So if you are thinking about getting a team to handle your social media, have a think about the best approach for you. You don’t have to tackle all the platforms at once. I am sure you hear this all the time. But, please make sure you have at least two platforms that you master well and keep growing from there.

You have absolutely no guarantees that your audience will always be there at your fingertips, so make sure you have backup with other options outwith only one social media platform.

By holding back and watering down the experience you really are leaving so much on the table.

Remember you are the BOSS.

Food for thought.

Happy Tweeting.

Gwen x



Gwen Baird

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